Consideration of external input

During the planning process, there are two types of external inputs that need to be considered, namely opportunities/threats and strategic plans.

Opportunities and threats

Management must always be aware of the opportunities and threats that exists for the organisation.  The best way to identify opportunities and threats is the SWOT analysis.

Strategic plan

The strategic plan of an organisation should give direction and form the basis of all other plans in the organisation.  The aspects of strategic planning that should be considered during operational planning are:

  1. The purpose of the organization as defined in the strategic plans.
  2. Critical assumptions developed during the strategic planning process.
  3. Strategic guidelines established by senior management and within which the organization’s development will take place.
  4. Final results (goals) formulated by senior management and considered to be important for the success of the business.


Hannes Kruger, Management training manual.  Written for the Meat Board, Chapter 2

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