Introduction to Management

My retired father wrote a training manual for managers many years ago.  He worked in HR for most of his adult life.  The company he wrote the manual for no longer exists and my dad gave me permission to use his manual in my posts.  I had to translate, break down and make it less formal so that it is suitable for a blog.  I hope the essence is still the same.

The purpose of this post is to put all the posts into context.  I hope you enjoy it and find it usefull.

From the earliest recorded history, people joined forces to achieve common goals, especially when they could accomplish together what they couldn’t accomplish by themselves.   Read more about the origin and development of management.

Individuals usually have their own personal goals they pursue while working in a group.   Why is management important anyhow?

Writers differ slightly on the functions and activities of management.   We look at the functions and activities of management.  We also discuss different types of management.

We also talk about the different levels of management and what they spend their time on.

To be continued…


Hannes Kruger, Management training manual.  Written for the Meat Board, Chapter 1

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