The Planning Process

There are nine distinct steps in the planning process.  Each of these steps have activities associated with it.  The activities are intertwined during the planning and management process.

Steps in the planning process

  1.               Consider external input
  2.               Determine goals
  3.               Collecting information
  4.               Forecasting
  5.               Development and consideration of alternative plans
  6.               Preparation of the planning
  7.               Quantification of plans
  8.               implementation
  9.               Revision of claim.


  1.               Formulation of objects
  2.               Forecasting
  3.               Decision-making
  4.               Programming
  5.               scheduling
  6.               Budget
  7.               policy Formulation
  8.               Formulation of procedures
  9.               prioritization
  10.               coordination

There is a continues interaction between the steps in the planning process and the activities


Hannes Kruger, Management training manual.  Written for the Meat Board, Chapter 2

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