Types of managers

In any organisation, a variety of functions are carried out in order to do business.   In larger organisations we have different types of managers who are responsible for different areas.  For example you may have an Human Resources manager who is responsible for planning, organizing, activation and control specific to the companies manpower needs.

Let’s look at the different areas of responsibility that will be dealt with by different types of managers in large organisations.

The staff function

The staff function aims to manage the company’s manpower planning, provision and care.

The purchasing function

The purchasing function is responsible for the acquisition and release of all raw materials, parts, machinery, stationery, vehicles, furniture and equipment.   

The production function

The production function is responsible for making the products and services offered by the organisation.   I guess in a services organisation this may be called operations.

The administrative function

The administrative function is responsible for collecting, storing and releasing information needed by the organisation.  This includes aspects such as accounting, pricing, archive management, and general office administration.  Modern organization make extensive use of computers in order to perform this function effectively.

The marketing and sales function

The marketing and sales functions aims to introduce the company’s products and services to its consumers and to sell so the company can earn an income from it.

The financial function

The finance function aims to satisfy the company’s capital needs through the acquisition, utilization and management of funds.

The external relations function

The public relations department of an organisation aims to achieve sustained liaison with its stakeholders.

The activities of employees working in these different departments must be coordinated to ensure that they make a contribution to the goals of their respective departments, and the organisation as a whole.  All persons who work in supervisory and management positions in these departments must therefore execute the general management tasks as discussed in the preceding section, does not matter whether they are working in the personnel department, purchasing department or the production department.  Even though the disciplines in which they operate differ to a large extent, the management tasks carried out by supervisors in these departments are largely the same.


Hannes Kruger, Management training manual.  Written for the Meat Board, Chapter 1

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